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The LANG FIXATION CUBES, and LANG FIXATION STICK are orthoptic products for binocular diagnostics, to be used mainly by ophthalmologists, orthoptists, optometrists, and opticians. They were designed by J. Lang, inventor of the LANG-STEREOTEST®, to facilitate the orthoptic examination in children. They are being used for assessment of eye fixation, motility, accommodation, convergence, for cover test, and to prepare the patient for testing with the LANG-STEREOTEST® or the LANG-STEREOPAD®.

General information:
In eye examinations of young children, primarily when testing mobility, it is essential to attract and hold attention for a short time. As Jampolsky said, it should move, make a sound and be colourful. One toy allows one look, six toys allow six looks". Changing the toy causes a change in the direction of gaze. However, when trying to cover, the fixation should be maintained in the same direction.

This is why we have been using homemade cubes with pictures as a special close fixation device for children for about 20 years (around 1967). We proposed this idea to several companies, but nobody was interested - the commercial benefit was too small. So we finally had a cube mass-produced by our own manufacturer. The cube has a different picture on each side so that the child can be shown vivid pictures and thus keep his attention longer. A red car, a black cat, a red and white sailboat, an elephant and a yellow star with a small capital "E" on top of the cube are included; these objects appeal to children.

The square shaft is intentionally designed to match the sides of the cube so that the pictures can be rotated accurately without the examiner having to shift the gaze from the child's eyes to the fixation object.

This cube instantly "breaks the ice" with children of all ages and allows for immediate eye movement and cover testing. It also prepares the child for the Lang stereotest examination using some of the same objects, namely the car, the star and the cat.

The Lang fixation cube can also be used to determine visual fields or to study saccadic eye movements by having the patient look quickly from one cube to the other while rotating the images. J. Lang commented the cube as follows: "We hope that this small device will prove as useful to other ophthalmologists as it has been in our practice."

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Examination & Application

Main characteristics and Instruction for use LANG- FIXATION CUBE white and red

Both versions are used in the same manner: Show the cube while holding the handle vertically to the patient, so that he/she may see the image presented at reading distance. Claim the patient’s attention by asking what he/she sees and observe eye position and fixation movements. Turn handle to present the next picture, ask again what is being shown on the presented surface and keep observing eyes. Move cube to all directions (sideward and upward) to test eye motility. Slowly approach the cube with the top or other surface shown to the patient, to test convergence. The LANG FIXATION STICK is used in a similar manner to the LANG FIXATION CUBE. Have your patient look at and name the picture motifs in sequence from top to bottom while observing his eye movements. Use the back for determining near visual acuity (0.2-0.5) at 30cm reading distance, as well as accommodation and convergence.

In the cover test, the patient is also asked to look at the fixation aid with one eye while the examiner covers the other eye. During the examination procedure, the test figure can be changed quickly as attention wanes.

  • Do not give the fixation auxiliaries to your patients, especially small children, to avoid breaking the handle or swallowing a part.
  • Serious incidents involving the product must be reported to the competent authority.
  • Care: It is best to clean them with a damp cloth or a surface disinfection agent.

Technical specifications

LANG Fixation cube white:
REF 801, CE mark, Medical Device Class I, compliant with Regulation (EU) 2017/745/EU

LANG Fixation cube red:
REF 802, CE mark, Medical Device Class I, compliant with Regulation (EU) 2017/745/EU

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland by Lang-Stereotest AG. All rights reserved.


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