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"Wir sind ein Anbieter von Produkten für die Sehprüfung. Im DACH-Gebiet gelten wir zudem inzwischen als Marktführer für Visualtrainings-Material. Der Sitz ist in Herrenberg (GF + Logistik), sowie Stuttgart (Show Room). Treffender könnte der Firmenname nicht sein: Visus (von Lateinisch „videre“) bedeutet „sehen, wahrnehmen“. Fachleute aus Ophthalmologie und Optometrie bezeichnen mit dem Visus auch die Sehschärfe. VISUS® was originally founded 1977 as „VISUS® Contactlinsen GmbH“, by Peter Fanti in Hamburg. As a pilot project and the first Contact lens clinic, special lenses were fit. Started in the Rotebaumchausee, the clinic moved to a more central position, right at the famous Jungfernstieg. Appr. 10 years later, Peter Fanti founded another site in Stuttgart, also a contact lens clinic in the middle of the city. Also there, moving to a bigger location: Calwer Straße 41. After a few years, the leaders of VISUS® have realized that something is missing in Germany: Tools for a thorough optometric binocular exam. Since there was almost no place you could buy these tools in Germany, VISUS started to import these products from leading US companies. This enabled VISUS® to become a pioneer in modern exklusive optometry products. Another big part of these products were for a structured, optometric vision training, which had been discovered on a European based seminar. Since a few years, VISUS® is the market leader in the segment of visual training material, also known as „Vision Therapy“. The main suppliers of VISUS® were Bernell, Stereo Optical, or VTE from Italy. "


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