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Eye Care and Cure

"Eye Care and Cure, a Hilco Vision Company, is focused on providing the highest quality products and first-class customer service so our customers can focus on providing quality care to their patients. We continually strive to be a valued partner in offering a complete range of eye care supplies. We are committed to providing new and innovative products that enhance patient care and outcomes, and in support of this commitment we continue to search for new and original products to add to our product offering."


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We are looking for new distributors:In some regions and countries we have no distributors so far. The increasing local demand for our eye test products are ordered in these countries so far from our partners abroad. Here, local buyers have disadvantages such as long delivery times, high shipping costs, additional customs fees and have to organize the bureaucratic effort of customs clearance themselves. Use the unique opportunity to make our renowned eye test products known as the first local supplier in your country and develop a new market. We support you actively in this: Apply now as a new sales partner

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