CHF 540.00

The LANG-STEREOPAD® is a new device for testing global near stereopsis. Suitable for all age groups, including preverbal children (less than 1 year). 

Using the same principle as LANG-STEREOTESTS I and II, it comes with six magnetic test cards, each of them containing one 3D random dot stereo object. The range of disparity is between 1000'' and 50'', and the test cards may be placed and shown separately on the double-side red magnetic test panel. Test objects are perfectly hidden when viewed monocularly or with horizontally aligned lenticular grid. Suitable for screening for stereopsis, preferential looking (two- or three-alternative forced choice task), assessment of stereopsis threshold by staircase method. NO GUESSING POSSIBLE, NO GLASSES REQUIRED.

Introductory price: CHF 540  + magnetic monopod  CHF 12 + shipping Europe  CHF 20, World CHF 30