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Fresnel Prism and Lens Co.

"Fresnel Prism and Lens Co. is a small family owned business located in Minnesota, a true Mom & Pop business at a time when most of our competition are selling out to large corporations. Fresnel Prism and Lens began more than 30 years ago by being the distributor of the 3M Press On Optics. Since then, we have expanded our product line to assist in the diagnostic and therapeutic issues treated by eyecare specialists i.e. Pediatric & Neuro Ophthalmologists, Orthoptists, Optometrists and other low vision practices. Then more than 10 years ago we set out to develop a better occlusion eye patch for families with children with Amblyopia – MYI Patches were born. We introduced the black occlusion layer for total occlusion and custom pack each order so families pick exactly the designs they want in each package. By getting the kids involved in their patching compliance improves. We are still a small personal office and look forward to working with you to ensure you receive just what you need."


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