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Lang-Stereotest AG works successfully with many distribution partners worldwide.

Suitable distribution partners include suppliers, catalogue providers, online retailers, government institutions, medical organizations, specialist providers in the field of optics and ophthalmology, and medical technology wholesalers.

As a distribution partner, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Favourable purchasing conditions for our eye test products.
  • Professional product photos for website and print
  • Advertising materials in digital and partially printed form
  • Individual support by phone, chat and email
  • Entry in our online sales database
  • All new partners are introduced in our news

We are looking for new distributors primarily in African states, all of South America and Central America, Turkey, Arabian Peninsula, states in Central Asia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia and other so far "light blue" countries of our sales overview online

We do not yet have distributors in many of these regions and countries. The increasing local demand for our eye test products in these countries has so far been ordered from our partners abroad. However, in doing so, local buyers face major disadvantages such as long delivery times, high shipping costs, additional customs fees, and often have to organize the bureaucratic effort of customs clearance themselves.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to be the first local supplier to promote our renowned eye test products in your country and open up a new market. We will provide you with active support in this.

Contact: Thomas Lang, Lang-Stereotest AG, Switzerland,

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Our product range


The Lang-Stereotest® I-R is a 2021 revised version of the Lang-Stereotest® I, which was developed by J. Lang for binocular diagnostics, especially... Product details


The Lang-Stereotest® II-R is a 2023 revised version of the Lang-Stereotest® II, which was developed by J. Lang for binocular diagnostics,... Product details


With the LANG-STEREOPAD® - analogous to the proven LANG-STEREOTEST® I-R and II - random dots are combined with a cylindrical grid surface. However,... Product details

Magnetic support for LANG-STEREOPAD®

The single-leg magnetic support was specially developed for the Lang-Stereopad® and is an optional accessory. It allows the test plate to be placed... Product details

LANG fixation cube white/red

The LANG FIXATION CUBE were developed by J. Lang for the assessment of eye fixation, motility, accommodation, convergence, for the cover test and for... Product details

LANG fixation sticks

The LANG FIXATION STICK was developed by J. Lang for the assessment of eye fixation, motility, accommodation, convergence, for the cover test and to... Product details

LANG-STEREOTEST® I (first edition until 2020)

The Lang-Stereotest® I was replaced in 2021 by the new improved edition Lang-Stereotest® I-R. Product details

LANG-STEREOTEST® II (first edition until 2023)

The Lang stereotest® II was replaced in 2023 by the new improved version Lang-Stereotest® II-R. Product details
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